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    Your Booth Lego Team, the BOA Constructors, made it to State this past weekend to represent Booth and Peachtree City.  They had a great time and did well!  They developed a mobile app, to incentivize people to use canvas bags to help eliminate the use of plastic bags.  The people earn points each time they use a canvas bag.  The team met with a local supply chain consulting company to learn what it would take to implement this project on a large scale.  They met with a local technology company to understand the technical challenges of build this app on an enterprise scale, and they met with Publix to determine what benefits and cost impact it would have on local retailers to support this project.  They also build a robot that accomplished 21 different missions in 5 ‘Treks”.  This strategy allowed the team to achieve the top score out of 256 superregional teams in the state of Georgia.


    State Robotics

  • JC Booth robotic teams competed in the regional FLL competition on December 12th. All FOUR teams advanced from this competition and made it to superregionals, which was held in Columbus on January 16th. 


    All four of the teams did a fantastic job on Saturday and won some awards as well!

    Team # 18548 - Tamara's Team won the Core Values Award
    Team # 18549 - Team 2 won the Innovative Solution Award
    Team # 19429 - Boa Constructors won 1st place Robot Performance Award and 2nd place Championship Award

    Congratulations and good luck to the Boa Constructors, as they advanced to the state championship this Saturday!

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