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    Buy a Yearbook:

    Purchase a yearbook online:  


    Prices will increase as the year progresses.

    Order early for the best price! Yearbooks will

    be distrbuted in May.


    Senior Recognition Ads:

    The last day to place a senior ad is January 1st, 2016.

    Purchase a senior ad by September 30 and save $100 per ad size.


    To construct and order your senior ad, go to

    Full page ad - $375

    Half page ad - $250

    quarter page ad - $175

    eighth page ad - $100


    After September 30, the prices go up. 

    Full page ad - $475

    Half page ad - $350

    quarter page ad - $275

    eighth page ad - $200


    Senior/ Freshman Sibling Pictures:

    If you want to be on the 12th / 9th Sibling page in the yearbook,

    please send pictures to Jane Edwards at

    If you need the yearbook staff to take your picture, please let Mrs. Edwards know.


    Yearbook social media sites

    Instagram    “McIntosh Yearbook Staff”

    Facebook “McIntosh Yearbook”

    Twitter          (free apps for iPhones and androids) Submit yearbook-worthy photos to this website     Username: McIntosh; password: CHIEFS1



    Submit yearbook-worthy photos throughout the year or

    download the Appstore: ReplayIt

    Username: McIntosh

    Password: CHIEFS1



  • Portraits:

    Families Can Still Order Until May 15, 2017
    Dear Peachtree Portraits Families,
    Peachtree Portraits will be closing its' doors permanently effective February 3rd, 2017. They will be accepting orders on existing galleries through May 15, 2017. At that point, no additional orders will be accepted. Please make sure to place any picture orders prior to this date. If you have any questions, please contact us at (770) 934-2277 or"
    We will also be sending notification via our e-commerce site and have posted this information on our website and social media sites. 
    Amber Stokes
    Vice President
    Peachtree Portraits
    Atlanta, GA 30360

    BE IN THE BOOK! Please contact Peachtree Portraits at to make an appointment to get your senior formals and possibly casuals taken for the yearbook. Everyone must use Peachtree Portraits for the formal pictures (tuxedos or drapes). However, students may use alternate photographers for their casuals.



    Senior retakes and last chances to get formals taken:

    August 18 (Underclassmen portrait day)


    September 28 (Underclassmen retake day – last opportunity to get formals taken)


    If you use your own photographer, then send Casual Portraits by October 30 to


    Senior Portrait Information:

    The McIntosh yearbook has traditionally featured both a senior formal and senior casual. The senior formal pictures are taken by our contracted photographer, Peachtree Portraits. All seniors need to schedule their formal portrait sitting over summer, since these pictures are typically not taken at the same time as underclassmen photos during the school year.  Peachtree Portraits will take all of the senior formal photos (tuxedo and drape pictures). If you want only a formal portrait taken for the yearbook, you must tell the cashier on the day of your sitting.  Also, you should NOT pay online for this one picture.  There should be no charge for the one or two pictures taken for the yearbook.


    Seniors may choose whether they want to be in the casual section; if so, then they need to follow the guidelines prescribed here and either have a casual photo taken by Peachtree Portraits at the time of the formal portrait session or submit a casual photo by the deadline. Thank you!


    Graduation Photos:

    Peachtree Portraits will be on hand to take photos of graduating seniors at commencement.  A proof of every senior photographed will be sent home for you to view and purchase. When you receive the proof, you may go online to purchase both individual cap and gown as well as candid photographs.


    For more information contact Peachtree Portraits customer service at (770) 934-2277.